Thursday, October 22, 2009

Varamanjaladiya... (Malayalam)

This is the end of a very happening hectic day. I stumbled upon this song as I was browsing the net for some good music while I was working on my assignments. And I had to stop and sing this to you 'coz this is another one of my very very fav. songs in Malayalam. This song sung by Sujatha is from the movie 'Pranaya Varnangal' composed by Vidyasagar.

The lyrics:

Varamanjalaadiya raavinte maaril oru manju thulliyurangi
Nimi neramenthino thengi nilaavil virahamennalum mayangi
Pularithan chumbana kungumamalle rithu nandiniyaakki
Avale pani neer malaraakki…. (varamanjal)

Kili vannu konchiya jaalakavaathil kaliyaay chaariyathaare
Mudiyizha kothiya kaattin mozhiyil madhuvaay maariyathaare
Avalude mizhiyil karimazhiyaale ninavukalezhuthiyathaare
Kanvukalezhuthiyathare, avale tharalithayaakkiyathaare (varamanjal)

Mizhi peythu thornnoru saayanthanathil mazhayaay chaariyathaare
Dhala marmmaram nertha chillakalkkullil kuyilaay maariyathaare
Avalude kavilil thuduviralaale kavithakalezhuthiyathaare
Mukulithayakiyathare, avale pranayiniyaakiyathaare…. (varamanjal)

Varamanjaladiya | Online recorder


  1. i cant help but wonder at your extreme efficacy in being so wondrously quirky. a very lovable quirk :)

  2. I like the lo-fi quality of that song.

  3. I enjoyed the lingering notes in this song. I'll to watch a related movie some time!

  4. its come beautiful...i have performed this song sometime during my college days..just reminded me those got an great voice..


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