Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nee manimukiladakal... (Malayalam)

Yet another one of my fav. Malayalam (my native tongue) songs rendered by Jayachandran and Chitra, two of the very gifted singers and composed by a new age composer Alphonse. Unlike the previous ones. This one is a slightly contemporary one. The lyrics makes absolute no sense as is the case with all the new age Malayalm songs. Just words scattered on a piece of paper and then rearranged to the fancy of the lyricist. But the melody is quite haunting. And this is a duet and a real stunt on my part to sing for both the male and the female. You wouldn't make out the difference though unless you're familiar with the song. Anyways... Here I go...

And the lyrics:

(Male) - Nee manimukiladakal aadi ulanjoru minnal,
Mizhikalil aayiram paribhavamezhuthiya meda thingal chantham,
Veeli poovin naanam.

(Female) - E njan, veru moru nadan pennu.
E njan, ninnilalinjaval mathram.

(Male) - Nee manimukil... naanam

(Male) - Minnalazhake onnu nillu,
Enthu daham, kandu nilkkan.
Kanni mazhaville, onnarikil nillu nee,
Nooru niramode, ennarikil nillu nee.

(Female) - Njanilayengil nin hridaya varnangalundo,
Neeyillayengil e pranaya madhurangalundo,
Athramelonnanu nammal.

(Male) - Nee manimukil... naanam

(Male) - Mudiyilazhakin neelaravu,
Odiyilaliyum sneha yamuna.
Meyilanayumbol marilina maanukal,
Swarna mizhi kandal, nalla paral meenukal.

(Male) - Nee ente devi, njan thozhuthu pokunna rupam.
(Female) - Nee enumenum en tharala sangeetha varnam.
Athramelonnanu nammal.

(Male) - Nee manimukil... naanam

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  1. beautiful.. never thought the song could be half as good without the instruments .. another song, i dint think much about, till now...


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