Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kabhi kabhi... (Hindi)

Excuse me for singing in a language much alien to you. This is a song in a language called Hindi, one of the 20+ languages in my country and officially declared as the national language by the Govt.

Ah! Let my friends not hear this for they'd beat me to pulp if they hear me sing this song again! At least that's their threat. I can't blame them for threatening me so for I've sung this song on and off stage, I don't know how many times. People've become sick of listening to me sing this song but I still love this melodious piece.

Kabhi kabhi | Online recorder


  1. Ekan my friend, I always love your singing...but I must confess this is probably my favorite thus far...your voice is so wonderful, and it is true I did not understand the words, but the melody is haunting...I loved this, truly!

    peace my friend

  2. loved your innovative way of singing and sharing!

  3. I am glad I did some blog surfing tonight and stumbled on this blog of yours. It was wonderful listening to your songs..

    Maybe the fact that you love this song and have been singing it a lot many times before, there is a special edge to this one - the edge that comes when a singer is completely immersed in the lyrics and the melody of the song.

    Keep singing!!!



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