Monday, September 28, 2009

Crazy... (English)

First of all, let me thank all of you who took the pain to listen to my previous song and comment on it too! Well, that was a big encouragement. And here's yet another Kenny Rogers song.

Here I go - "Crazy for you..."

Girl, there are no words to say, 
What I feel in my heart.
And you. You're on my mind night and day.
And it hurts me when we're apart.
When you're not here by my side.
There is nothing in this world for me.

I guess I'm crazy, crazy for you can't you see? 
And although you may think it's crazy, 
Here is where I want to be,
I will always need your love,

Well now, I can see every dream, 
When I look in your eyes.
And though things never are what they seem.
There is one thing that I realize,
That there's no doubt in my mind, 
We can make this love go on forever.

I guess I'm crazy, crazy for you can't you see? 
And although you may think I'm crazy,
Here is where I'll always be,
And I need you with me,
'coz you are the dream, 
That finally came true for me.

And all my life there'll be no one else. 
If I looked all my life,
There could be no one else.

And for the rest of my life,
All I need is you...

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  1. I enjoyed listening to you sing. Kenny Rogers had some great songs. This is one of them. Sometimes I sing around the house just to clear out all the cob-webs hanging 'round in my head.

  2. There is the voice I have that song glad u r back!!! Im gonna hum this one all Kenny;)

  3. The serenity for me is listening to you sing.
    I enjoyed that.

  4. I haven't heard this song for ages! It brings back memory from the old good days. Thanks


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