Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twenty Years Ago... (English)

What prompted me to sing this song is the comment left by Kaiserin Sisi who said the last song that I sang brought back memories "from the old good days". Ah! This is my fav. of the fav. Kenny Rogers song and that's simply for the reason that this song won me a prize in a district level music competition. And that was my first on-stage rendition of a song in a foreign language. Can't forget that day!!!

But hi! Look at this. 7 years back, some queer little boy, hardly 20 years of age, got on stage and sang a song that went, "life was so much easier, twenty years ago..."!!! Obviously, I guess. 'coz twenty years before I first sang that song, I or God was only contemplating to get me into my mom's womb! Life, truly should have been much more easier then (both for me and the others, I guess!).

Anyways... Here's the lyrics for the song, for those who're interested:

It`s been a long time since I walked
Through this old town
But oh how the memories start to flow
And there`s the old movie house
They finally closed it down
You could find me there every Friday night
Twenty years ago.

I worked the counter at the drugstore down the street
But nobody`s left there I would know
On Saturday mornings that`s where
All my friends would meet
You`d be surprised to know what a dime would buy
Twenty years ago.

All my memories from those days come gather round me
What I`d give if they could take me back in time
It almost seems like yesterday
Where do the good times go?
Life was so much easier twenty years ago.

I guess I should stop by Mr. Johnson`s hardware store
His only son was my friend Joe
But he joined the army back in 1964
How could we know he would never come back
Twenty years ago...

Twenty Yers Ago... | Music Upload


  1. seriously...listining to you sing is becoming the favorite part of my morning....great voice, very heartfelt....awesome job!

  2. Came over from your other blog . . my first visit to both. I enjoyed your rendition very much and your posts about your coping with the dreaded chicken pox!

    Am going to sign up to follow both blogs 'cos I like what you do and hope that you'll visit my blog and perhaps follow me too!


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