Monday, November 2, 2009

Minnale nee vandhadhaenadi... (Tamil)

This is a lovely song from the movie 'May Madham' originally rendered by S.P.B to the tunes of A.R. Rehman. I love this song and hence the attempt. This time around, I'm singing with a karoke on the background. I'm using my Sony Ericsson W550i mobile phone to record me-self singing (as always). No proper mixing device has been used. So kindly bear with this amateurish attempt. I've absolutely no idea how this would turn out to be?

So here is a karoke singing sans any mixing device, proper mic set or any kind of filters. Just plain singing along with the tune of A.R.

The lyrics:

Minnalae nee vandhadhaenadi,
En kannilae oru kaayamennadi,
En vaanilae nee maRaindhupoana maayam ennadi,
Sila naligai nee vanthu ponatho,
En vadigai athu venthu ponatho,
Minnalae en vaanam unnai theduthen. (2)


Kan vizhiththu paarththapoadhu kalaindha vannamae,
Un kairaegai ondru mattum ninaivuchchinnamae. (2)
Kadharik kadhari enadhu ullam udaindhu poanadhae,
Ingu sidharippoana sillil ellaam unadhu bimbamae.
Kanneeril theevalarththu kaaththirukkiraen,
Un kaaladiththadaththil naan pooththirukkiraen.


Paalmazhaikku kaaththirukkum boomi illaiyaa,
Oru pandigaikku kaaththirukkum saami illaiyaa. (2)
Vaarththai vara kaaththirukkum kavign illaiyaa,
Naan kaaththirundhaal kaadhal innum meeLumillaiyaa.
Kanneeril theevalarththu kaaththirukkiraen,
Un kaaladiththadaththil naan pooththirukkiraen.


Minnalae nee... | Music Upload


  1. nice,this is the first time I recall hearing you sing with music in the background, very always my friend you have brought misic to my day, thank you

  2. It's time to invest in a proper microphone! At least get one on your computer.

    I want to hear you without static!

  3. Ekan, your voice with music in the background is superb!!.Keep on!!

  4. sambhu, its a good attempt. but still some nuances are missing. try to improve..
    -but there is some underlying fact behind this i right.
    that may be our curiosity in our hostel days..
    anyway nice attempt, u really rocked..

  5. Yup - some backing music gives a bit of essence, though your voice doesn't always need it as it's got its own tone to it.


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